"People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." -Marcus Garvey

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Keleti Sanon

Another Chance, Maybe the Last - Relations Between African Americans and Africans is the enlightening book by African author Keleti Sanon.

Inside the pages, you will find the importance of staying true to your heritage and remembering the history of Africans and African-Americans.

Paperback: 144 pages   ISBN: 978-0-615-30507-3

Price $12.95 US | $14.95 CAN
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Another Chance, Maybe the Last   unravels one of the most controversial words in the U.S. African American. This book gives both the African born in America and the African living in America an opportunity to come together and explore common heritage and culture.

In the foreword, author Marilynn Griffith talks about her own experience as a child of an African father and an African-American mother and her desire to know more about Africa. Sanon book, in her opinion, is the beginning stepping stone to receive that knowledge.

    African-American: Understanding the Divide

    Sanon sets out to explore the African American's painful legacy of slavery and the repercussions that are still felt as a result of it. In addition, Sanon illustrates, African immigrants' journey to America, and how Africans' and African Americans' culture separates them.

    The Mother Land and Uncle Sam: Discovering African Identity in America

    Sanon debunks the myths of Africa and offers and examination of Africa's geography. He concludes this section by discussing the prowess it took to strip a people of their African identity upon their arrival to America and offers suggestions on how African Americans can begin to embrace this identity once again.

    A Family Affair: African Celebrations and Culture

    Sanon examines the importance of family in nearly every facet of life, from healthcare and technology to education and welfare. Sanon, a big proponent of strong family ties, shows how families are intricately connected in the lives of their children from the dating stage through to marriage and to childbirth.

    Coming to America

    Sanon emphasizes the significance of coming to America, not for self but for the betterment of those left behind. In such a life-changing event and moving to a place with an entirely different culture, Sanon asserts the need for newcomers to remember their people and to stay focused despite the distractions that will surely come his or her way.

    One Man's Journey

    Sanon steps fully into his book and presents his own journey to America and the lessons learned.

    Meeting on the Middle of the Bridge

    Sanon calls for the bridging of the cultural gap and the dark, often painful history that divides Africans from their African-American cousins.

A native of the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire, Keleti Sanon has lived in the United States for over 20 years. After being welcomed by African Americans, he would like to give a gift in return a better understanding of African culture. This book will be a great tool for teachers, families, college students and anyone interested in cultural learning. As America melts together into one pot, may this book help retain the distinct and wonderful flavor that is both African and American.

    1) Do all Africans have more than one wife?
    2) What is a day like in Ivory Coast?
    3) What is dating like in West Africa?
    4) How do Africans feel about slavery?
    5) How far do Ivorian children walk to school?
    6) Are all Africans poor like the ones on TV?
    7) What is the responsibility of the oldest son in Africa?
    8) Is sex an open issue in Africa like it is in the U.S.?
    9) How do Africans feel when they come to America?
    10) Is divorce common in Africa?
    11) How is theft dealt with in Africa?
    12) How big is Africa?
    13) Does everyone in Africa speak Swahili?
    14) Is everyone who lives in Africa black?

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